Unique experiences offered by MamaSita Yoga!

Your Voice is Your Medicine

Realize the power of your voice to transform your experience. Using our voice with mantra and sounds, regulates our nervous system response. This interactive workshop allows you to experience how your voice can soothe your body and mind.

Be Desired and Admired

Many women feel admired for what they do, but don't feel desired for who they are. This workshop works with the energetic components of masculine and feminine energy to open pathways of understanding and embodiment.  So you can feel both admired and desired.  

Kundalini, Cacao and Sound

Kundalini yoga and ceremonial cacao are both heart activating practices. Sound is a healing and soothing experience. Open your heart with cacao and an energizing yoga flow, followed by crystal bowl sound bath immersion. Available for both indoor and outdoor experiences.


Bring MamaSita yoga to your retreat or event. Offering Kundalini yoga, sound healing, meditation, shadow work, cacao  ceremony, and embodiment practices.  Custom itineraries are available. See this video of prior co-created experience in magical Sedona. 
Praise for MamaSita Yoga Events:
"Pure Bliss. I wish this was every weekend."
Participant from Kundalini, Cacao, and Sound Event
"The feminine and masculine dynamic is so intriguing, thank you to Arin for guiding this powerful workshop. "
Participant from Be Desired and Admired
"I'm so glad I went. I've been listening to mantras ever since I got home, had a huge shift!"
Participant from Your Voice is Your Medicine
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